Meet Heather

I have had a passion for women's health for all of my adult life.  Before going back to school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife, I was a Labor and Delivery nurse for over 18 years.  I truly loved my work as a nurse, but I also knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and ability to care for women throughout their lives, not just during birth.  I earned my Master's of Science in Nursing degree at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky.  I have a National Certification in Nurse Midwifery and I am licensed in the State of Idaho to provide primary healthcare to women throughout their lifespan.  

I have two children, a son who is in the 10th grade and a daughter who is attending nursing school in Hawaii.  My partner, Mark, and I love to travel and explore new road trip routes every chance we get.  At home we have a bit of a mini-ranch, with goats, chickens, a garden and a tiny orchard.  In addition to women's health I am passionate about living a balanced, healthy, environmentally responsible lifestyle, filled with adventure and kindness!  

I can't wait to meet you, and I am excited to have the opportunity to assist you in your health journey in any way I can.  



About Thrive


Thrive Women's Health Center is a micro practice owned, operated, and staffed by Heather, APRN, CNM.  A micro practice is a small medical practice that delivers quality, personalized care using only what is essential to deliver that care.  There is no waiting room and no additional staff at Thrive, I will meet you at the door and you will spend your entire visit face to face with me.  Because of the low overhead costs associated with a micro practice, I can see fewer patients each day, which means I can spend more time with each patient.  This allows us the time to dig deeper into your needs, goals, and concerns, and to make a plan that helps you achieve your best personal wellness.  At Thrive we use the latest technology to make care convenient and easily accessible.  All of my patients have direct access to me via phone, text, or email.  I personally answer the phone and return all messages and emails.  


The cost of services I provide is clearly listed on this website, and I can provide you with a printed copy upon request.  Cost of care is completely transparent, there will never be any surprise bills from me arriving in the mail after your appointment.  Payments can be made with cash, check, credit card or HSA card at the time of your appointment.  I do not submit bills to insurance nor provide care notes to insurance companies, but I will provide you with a copy of your bill (with insurance codes), so that you can submit it to your insurance for reimbursement or have the visit cost applied to your deductible.  While this is not the type of billing most of us are used to seeing in healthcare, I believe it reduces healthcare costs and improves health outcomes by eliminating the insurance system from the care equation.  I can spend more time with patients, charge less for visits, and provide personalized, appropriate, integrative care, rather than expensive, unnecessary care that is dictated by insurance.  I work for you, not for an insurance company!  Because many of those who have insurance have very high deductibles, cash based billing for primary care and women's health actually may decrease your out-of-pocket cost.  And, if you have no health insurance, Thrive is an affordable option for care.  You can continue to use your insurance for prescriptions, labs, radiology, etc., just as you always have.  Please note, I do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid.   

I am committed to providing woman focused care that supports the normal, natural transitions in your life.  All women are welcome at Thrive, from menarche through menopause, regardless of race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.  Women in the LGBTQ community are welcome!  I do not provide obstetrical care at this time (I do not deliver babies) and I am not trained to prescribe transgender hormone therapy.  I can provide most of the care you would expect from any licensed woman's healthcare provider or nurse practitioner.  This includes ordering labs, hormone replacement, contraception, Pap's, STD testing, flu/strep testing, physical exams, depression screening, etc..  The type of care I provide focuses on prevention, life style medicine, and root cause medicine.  Please know I have full prescriptive authority and will write for prescription medications when appropriate.  However, I think it's important to look deeper into your health and see where it might be improved using behavior change, supplements, stress reduction, mind-body techniques, or other research based integrative interventions.  If you are unsure whether I am the appropriate provider for you, please feel free to call or email me with any questions prior to scheduling an appointment. 


Some services provided


Inflammation impacts whole body health, from anxiety to joint pain to skin conditions.  Let's talk about how to recognize if you are inflamed and what are some strategies to help alleviate it.  

Depression, anxiety

It's important to take the time to examine your mental and emotional health from a root cause perspective.  What might be causing or contributing?  There are multiple ways to address these issues. Sometimes medication is necessary, other times it is not the best or only answer.  

Hormones, PCOS, Thyroid

Hormone imbalances can be part of the natural transitions in life or can be a sign that something in your body is not working as it should.  Hormones are affected by so many things.  Together we will look at the whole picture and make a plan to get you balanced again.   

Women's Health

Prevention is so important!  You should see your provider at least annually for a wellness exam.  You may not need a Pap every year, but there are many other things we need look at and discuss.  In addition, you can come in for acute concerns such as contraception, STD testing, breast concerns, irregular periods, pelvic pain, and so much more!  


Consider having a preconception visit if you are planning to get pregnant.  I can help you get healthier now which will help you to have the healthiest pregnancy you possibly can.

Stress, fatigue

While an acute stress response may be essential for survival, chronic stress can make you tired, sick and fat.  The latest research says chronic,  poorly managed stress may be worse for us than smoking cigarettes!



10/10 recommend.  Heather is fantastic and is legitimately passionate about women's health and wellness.  I have never clicked with a health professional prior to today (yes, Sunday, at 5:30 p.m. to boot).  I am so excited to add her to my list of people enabling my journey and am happy to continue my overall health.

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1418 Grelle Ave, Lewiston, ID  83501

Cost of services

New patient visit/annual (Pap)/wellness exam/
hormone consultation/
nutrition, weight loss, lifestyle counseling/initial preconception visit
- 1 hour visit - $100 
*does not include lab costs
Follow-up visits
- 30 minute visit - $60
COVID-19 screening (for travel purposes only)
*does no include lab costs
a la carte
- STD testing - varies (call for prices)
- Short visit (15-20 minutes) for acute problem (such as UTI, flu symptoms, etc)
- $50 (established patient)